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Michael St. George (6/20/1947 - 2/5/2004)


The following is the opening and closing of a handwritten letter written by Michael in December of 1992 applying for a grant to help fund his artistic mission. In these excerpts we witness Michael describe his style, philosophy and vision.  All notes in italics written by Robert Schattle of Infinite Prism Inc.


Hello., My name is Michael St. George, All-The-Time and full-time fine artist working normally in acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  My style has been referred to as philosophical, political, opinion overcoming, Truth-seeking Realism and Symbolic Realism.  Most of the time I may be found observing and journalizing in the extreme-forward, front-line trenches of what appears to be the second phase reality of all living realities (the before, during and after)., This I began in paint, professionally and most seriously, in Los Angeles, California under strange circumstances in 1970., The search for unmoving Truth, The "I Am who Am" via Total understanding, (Through the meditation-prayer state of fine art in paint), of "It is because it is..." took over my life becoming  my heart-beat and my core., "I am it and it is me."


Michael then went on to communicate the struggles he was currently facing as a full time artist and the highlights of his achievements both as an actor and Fine Artist leading to his conclusion of this letter.


In Conclusion

I am totally committed to my Art, I am it and it is me, 'till death tries to part us., if it can.

If I truly reach my artistic goal I shall have to deal with overcoming the very human fear for my life.,

Some few will call me a prophet, more will converge on me, hold me up and with well meaning, tear me apart, saving the bits and pieces in blessed and sacred lockets as relics of the strange.  "He" who exploded the un-opinionated blinding light of perfection amidst the ongoing, superstitious, hypocritical, cowardly and sinful un-evolved ignorance of fallen, lazy, mankind.  Could 3 lifetimes make this goal manifest... Could ten, twenty or one thousand.? No, not for any human caught-up in any way with self.  So First, on the road to light and perfection I must defeat the self before realms beyond and more true can be perceived, focused-on, recorded in paint and pen, on canvas, paper or prepared surface and brought back, as what may be referred to as a "Work of Art," to the people, the children of light..

I am one explorer-scientist-soldier-monk-fine artist who has begun the journey, Refining and learning to "See" as the years of my disciplined Art- producing prayers and meditations ...

I will find Truth where it may be and bring it back to mankind for it's betterment, it's enlightenment it's true peace, happiness and Salvation.,...


Infinite Prism Inc. is the author of this site, owner of a significant collection of Michael's Art and holder of all copyrights to Michael's creative works. For more information on this project please contact Robert Schattle at 401-419-6799 or e-mail .