March 15th, 1991 – The Stations, Phase One Commentary

phase 1 center

At this point in time I am just about finished phase number one of my 60”x48” creative art work on stretched canvas which I am 95% sure at this writing shall bear the title, “The Stations.” Phase # One when finished, is in black Ink, high detail realism sketch form, the creations within the fifteen separate and divided “scene boxes” or sections., each box with a scene of Christ’s Stations of the Cross, presented as a statue in the middle of each separate box-scene, surrounded by fifteen different reality influences, unlike the park-like “Stations”-Statues, eventually in full realistic color…. The fifteenth box, (larger than the fourteen, arranged and wheeling around the outside), portrays a ghostly white blue vision of the Spirit of the Christ, arms outstretched, risen for all time and beckoning the viewer.


Large human hands, as represented as coming from the Surrounding fourteen boxes, strain and reach into the middle fifteenth towards the mercy, love, compassion, knowledge, security, eternal peace and All power of goodness that is the Christ Spirit-vision, the hands reach through four symbolic fetuses, representing prayer and effort above and beyond the fleshy world of man reaching through to His Kingdom, not of this world.


I soon will begin phase two., hoards more of people and things gathered around The Stations Statue in each different message-influence, scene-box., This also to be done in sketch, black ink, realistic form.


Projecting ahead in time from this writing, Phase Three should then be the design and painting in acrylic paint the fifteen different box-scene environments, the landscapes, cityscapes, the different skies and times of the day, week, month, season and year, ominously-threatening environments, tranquil scenes and no where at all places caressing each message in each scene box.


The final phase should at last be the be the realistic coloring of all the people and things enclosed within each box-scene, leaving only the fourteen Stations of the cross scene-statues white with blue-gray shadow to match the Middle fifteenth, Larger box-scene, of Christ’s Spirit Risen and beckoning to the finished work’s future, (from this writing), viewers.


The Fetuses will be in natural, full natural color and the symbolic hands, reaching from behind the surrounding scene-boxes into and toward the Risen Christ-Spirit will be in natural, full flesh color at the wrist, slowly loosing the color as the eyes follows the hand toward the fingertips which will end as white with blue gray shadow, once again showing the prayerful reach from out of the earthy, fleshy world of man into the other, beyond, not of this world, spiritual plane.


As far as I know now, my finished pen and Ink, Acrylic paint, 60”x48” painting on stretched canvas then should reach completion with the title, “The Stations”

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