11/3/2001- 1:20pm

FINE ART., you have to “live” it, “you” have to be it., “it” has to be you., inseparable., “it is your politics, your philosophy,, your religion, your temple, your belief. Heedless and uninterested in opinions, pursue The Ultimate perfections as a signpost to the spiritual, the Supra- “human”, the eternal, first mathematical Truth as a stepping stone “guideline”, lone road to the All, every, at all time, above, beyond, inhuman last and unending place of totality, apart, overseeing, away from material “living”.

Total, connected, breathing, immersion in your song, your poetry, your carvings, your paintings, your dance, your drama, musics, never to please, Never decoration, never entertainment, never personal, never attracting Vanity, Lust, Selfness, friends, fulfillment, satisfaction, The Temporary , opportunism, Consumeristic head turning or anything “human”……..

……. Fine Art is “seeing” from afar, somewhere else, above and beyond, free and freedom from fear, compromise, pressure and “humanity”.,
the fine artist is totally “The Seer”, fated and/or made to occupy and work the forward observation post, The farthest out listening post., “seeing”, listening and reporting back, (the work of art as “journal) And report as once described beautifully by a devout “seer”.., “to hold up as the mirror of nature”.., and, say I the beyond, farther beyond, farthest beyond, The within, The farther within, and the Farthest within., The search for the Ultimate, Eternal All and Every::, Not as vacation, hobby, playland or Selfness of any justification, Not as opportunism, speculation, manipulation or collectors collection, but as Religion, prayer, breathing, eating And committed, ENTIRE being.

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